The School has well equipped laboratories with a wide range of computer facilities including smart class rooms, video conferencing facility and virtual class room. The postgraduate programmes of the School focus on strengthening the students knowledge in almost all areas of Computer Science and on exposing them to the issues involved in the development of computer systems. Curriculum revision is done regularly to keep the programmes up to date.

Blended Learning with Smart class room, e-learning ,e-seminars, Virtual labs and simulation tools.

The students have access to the common facilities provided by the University like High Performance Computing,University Library, health center, canteens, hostels etc.

Computing Facilities

The School maintains two air conditioned and well established laboratories exclusively for the use of students and faculty members. Both the laboratories offer a wide range of computing facilities. 

The School plans and ensures adequate availability of physical infrastructure and ensure its optimal utilization. There is a conducive physical ambience for the faculty and students in terms of adequate research laboratories, computing facilities and allied services. There are adequate computing/reference facilities for the faculty members. There is also broadband connectivity and wifi facility.

 The School has an efficient policy for the creation and enhancement of infrastructure in order to promote a good teaching-learning environment. Some of the major facilities include


     A network of computers with 109 nodes, printers, scanners, broadband internet facility, latest software etc


     Smart class room for conducting lectures


     Well equipped laboratories with broad band internet connectivity through Campus Area Network.


     Wi-fi enabled classrooms, labs, seminar and conference halls


     Video conferencing facilities for real time interaction with experts/ scientists from national/international  organizations


     School level digital repository of workshops, seminars, PhD open defences and other e-learning contents for use as a research resource


     A cloud computing environment running Vmware software


     The School is an active partner in conducting and participating e-seminars, e-workshops, e-conferences etc. using the A-View (Amrita Virtual Interactive e-Learning World) tool. The School is also planning to be part of the National Knowledge Network connectivity.



Fully computerized with a wide collection of carefully selected Books and Research journals. The resources in the School library have been migrated to 'KOHA', an open source web-based integrated library management system. The School Library has a very good collection of carefully selected text books, reference books and periodicals in a wide range of areas. In addition to the School's Library, students can avail books from the University Library which also has an extensive collection of books and journals in different areas of computer science. Journals include CACM, CAD, and some selected transactions from IEEE.


The School has an air-conditioned Seminar hall, with a seating capacity of about 100 persons.The seminar hall is well equipped. The Seminar Hall is an ideal venue for conducting Workshops, Seminars and Departmental activities as it has a special ambience to suit every event. The Seminar hall also holds a smart board through which we have made education interactive and effective to make learning easy. The faculties also find it convenient to communicate the subject in a better way.


The School has a semi-conference hall with a seating capacity of 20 persons and is equipped with computer,projector and speaker facilities. Blended Learning with Virtual class room, e-learning ,e-seminars Virtual labs and simulation tools. Various conference and meetings are held in this hall.